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# The alternative HARO Solution. More help for Journalists & Researchers.

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Finding quality and focused information on the Internet is always time-consuming. Haro has an unique attempt out of that. But how would it be if there exists another solution, an additional or alternative way? Like those provided by whose USP is: We search the net - you get the links?

As many know, HARO means 'help a reporter out" and is an established way to connect reporters and writers to experts and thus sources of information they need. This information may be time sensitive or not, in any case, the reporter's particular request may be read by a wider audience. The reporters may not necessarily find their expected counterpart, the expert they need, but nobody can guarantee that in any business.

Link-Mail.Com is similar yet different. Its service is designed around those who need in-depth pieces of educational or informational information, such as about Business, Internet and SEO. Link-mail has at least 12 major categories, so it also includes Culture, Travel, Asia, Health and many more too.

HARO service seems to be very valuable as its strategy is to provide reporters with information they need while they provide in return a valuable link to the expert who was able to help out. There is no guarantee that these links do help the expert as expected, though.

HARO is definitely an established business model. Fortunately, for those wanting to participate in receiving reporters' information requests and subsequently potentially participate in a valuable backlinks and information exchange, HARO might be very helpful. Especially as Haros real business might be centered around link-building, a valuable concept on its own.

I like Haros business model but certainly it may not be for everyone. It is hard to say who benefits most: The reporter, the expert or Haro. And it is not for everyone to craft and type the perfect pitch especially as competition tries the same.

Perhaps only established businesses can really afford HARO's service, even as a free subscription version does exist. The reason is that only with the extended monthly paid subscriptions comes an increased support for usage of keywords to filter the incoming media opportunities. The better the filter, the more it benefits the reporters and experts.

Free always means in most cases a trade-off in services provided. Here it means that the number of receiving requests by reporters is limited to three times a day and without any filter. That restricts the usefulness for both reporter and expert but might be a nice way to learn more about Haro.

On the flip site, reporters may have to wait for replies to their requests. As with every such endeavor, they might not find right away the expert connection and the contents they need. Since they can't just wait for the lucky reply, they do what is often left for them. Starting participating again in worldwide online search and research.

Can this be avoided? Certainly not in every case. But there is hope. With Link-Mail.Com.

What reporters, writers or scholars need in their situation is to find focused links to contents within the topic of their ongoing research, thus avoiding doing repeatedly time-consuming research on their own. What they need is a solid head start: Curated Links to quality information. Those links may not immediately solve all their problems but they would now have most of what they need at one place.

Reporters still need to sift through a lot of information, but they also know that Link-Mails provided information likely have the links they need. Why? Because each link by is hand-selected, documented and narrowly focused within their topic.

Perhaps it should be noted and focused on too is that all links are delivered at once. Either via an autoresponder, directly after checkout online and/or via email. Of course they are also summarized available in link-mail's various research letters. About 100 right now with thousands of links in total.

Is Link-Mail.Com's curated information service expensive? Not at all. Visit our Shop to get an idea. Guests are welcome and of course members get heavy discounts, often up to 100%. has unlikely the latest fad curated, but what we offer with our in-house research is a solid foundation for any business, education or research. It may have all the references and citations you need without restricting any contents, ideal for reporters and writers.

Link-Mail.Com does not try to provide links for everyone. It selects its topics based on business requests, personal interests, just by accident or even love. But whatever we choose as a topic, we research it for you as thoroughly as we can.

One of the specialities of Link-Mail.Com is that it includes plenty and hard to find academic papers, studies, theses and detailed articles about the topic it currently researches and curates. That information is very valuable and it usually takes hours if not days to locate. Not everything useful is right on top of the search engines. We always need to dig deeper. Do you have the time for that?

Custom research exists too. For those who need current, high quality links to information at the last moment. Sounds just right for reporters. More about custom research is right here.

There are always many solutions to one problem. is one you may have never heard of and you may want to give us a try.



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