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Free Research Letters


Welcome at our Autoresponder page, the gateway to all our FREE research letters. Not only that, they will be send to you immediately after completing the short request form.

To give you an idea, here are inside screenshots from two of our reseach letters (Journals), business and culture. All of our in-house research contents, either here or at our shop, are structured the same way:

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Take a look around and tell us what you think. Of course we need your email address but providing it to us does not mean you will be automaticallly subscribed. Your email address is always secure. Please read the details in each section.

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Here are our FREE categories:

I. Surprise Business & Finance

It covers only business, provides one single topic but is available for free for one a month. After that, a new business topic appears. If you need a topic not available at this page, please visit our shop.

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II. Health & Relationship

ALL our research letters in this category are 100% free. NO conditions. You can download them below as you need them. Of course, the copyright persist. The research letters and journals are under full copyright protection but feel free to use the links as you need them.

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  • GID/GD Gender Identity Disorder
  • Forward Head Posture Corrections
  • The Placebo Effect
  • Circadian Rythm Sleep Disorder
  • Covid-19: Maps, Charts, Graphs & Statistics
  • Covid-19: Face Masks
  • Covid-19 Studies, Papers & Articles
  • Covid-19 Thailand Charts, Graphs & Stats


III. Culture & Travel

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  • Ancient Galleys
  • Venice Lagoon City
  • The Trans-Siberian Railway | Travel
  • Sumo Wrestling | Ozumo History
  • Seven Ancient Wonders


IV. Surprise

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More free research letters will be added soon. In the meanwhile, feel free to visit our e-commerce research shop.





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