Bellefonte Ghost Town Cemetery

Bellefonte Ghost Town Cemetery – Eery! | Essay

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“Do you know what might be the experience of your lifetime? Visit an old cemetery at night and you might get an answer! But be carefully, that’s likely more than eery and may kill your heartbeat.”

Most cemeteries are closed by night to prevent vandalism. Still, I think to visit a cemetery late evening or even at night (if possible) is an experience you might not want to miss.

Depending where your country/home is, you might hear Ghost stories all days long. As soon as you enter an open cemetery (as older as better), those stories seems to get their own life.

Really dark nights are a threat. You can't see more than a few meters ahead and you are never sure if your next steps do not harm you.


Video: Old Bellefonte Ghost Town Cemetery. Deep South Town. America.
Totally Forgotten in Alabama. A rainy, chilly morning visit.

Visiting a cemetery is at no times funny, but, if you found an old and forgotten one, you have the time to think about your live in ways otherwise hardly possibly. You might even come to decisions that changes your live forever, decisions you pushed away since a long time.

The most interesting cemeteries are those where you still can read the inscription on the tomb stones or the ones in the wild. It is no disrespect to the diseased to visit them because, in fact, he/she will be remembered again. Many of the relatives might not be anymore alive or are in another neighborhood. Yet, reading an inscription might telling you stories like that of a 23 years old girl, died 200 years ago, and is something for your mind to think about.

Bodies are only a shell after death, the soul has already started its way to its own destiny. It is even possible that the girl was reborn already in the circle of live, who knows. For sure, 200 years do not leave anything from humans physically left, in any way. The only reminder for the existence of that girl would be the withered inscription, a hard to read acknowledgement of a former live.

Cemeteries need not necessarily to be visited during the night. Especially the old ones do have in the morning or late afternoon their own flair. Attraction would be the wrong word but thinking about forgotten and past lives can never be a wrong feeling and intention.

After all, we all do end up in such a place, earlier or later, and a new cemetery today will be in a few hundreds years just as forgotten as all the ones before.

The embedded video is a good example of such a pity process but also a sign that the live goes on at different places and as vibrant as ever. ##

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