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Doing research on the Internet is always very time consuming considering those uncountable sites who are only advertising oriented or do present thin contents. To help you to get better and faster results for your initial research, our site link-mail.com was created. It provides help and relieve by providing topical information in a concise yet comprehensive manner, allowing to cut your initial research time perhaps by half or much more.

To facilitate even faster access to urgent required information, we have just released a set of CUSTOM RESEARCH programs, allowing us to do any initial research on YOUR behalf.

$99/per Custom LMx
2-5 Days

$199/per Custom LMx
1 Day

$299/per Custom LMx
3 Hours

Our programs are divided into three groups:

2501 Custom Research Advanced Group I.
We do the deep Internet research according to your needs but be allowed to release the researched information (links) in one of our future LMx Newsletter after 2 months. That gives you an informational head start on your end while allows for cheaper costs for you. Each custom research letter is limited to 30 hand-selected links to keep the research focused. All sites mentioned have been visited by our team. Delivery of the custom research letters and links are within 2-5 days. Of course the custom research is anonymous.

– $99/Custom LMx Letter

2502 Custom Research Advanced Group II (Fast).

As in the custom research group I, our custom research is done ONLY for you. The information provided to you are unique to your requirements. If overlapping custom requests of similar topics occur, we start always fresh with the research and collect what we can find from the date we started the reserch. We do not copy from one custom research paper to another.

All links are always hand-selected and follow our internal quality guidelines. Each custom research group II letter is limited to maximun 50 links and not less than 20, depending on the published and available information. Delivery of the research is done within 1 day. Contents of the researched letter may be released as a members only LMx research letter only after 6 months or later. The custom research is anonymous.

– $199/Custom LMx Letter

2503 Custom Research Advanced Group III (Extra Fast).

This custom research is done within very close communication with clients. The Information are hand-selected and will be delivered within only 3 hours. Max 30 links will be researched. This letter will NEVER be released to the public or as one of our memberships LMx research letters. All links are hand-selected and have been visited to ensure our quality guidelines. You may publish its contents in any way you like as all transferable copyright will be provided to you. We won’t republish or repurpose your custom research letter ever.

– $299/Custom LMx Letter


Direct benefits using our special service:

  • Fast custom access to required or difficult to find information
  • Ideal for any ongoing studies or researchs
  • Always fresh contents as focusing on latest available information



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