Our in-house research is very time consuming and costly but nearing 100 online publications with over 1500 pages and more than 3,500 hand-selected, evaluated, documented and quality links. Yet, to be able to produce our LMx research letters much faster for you, we would appreciate very much any donation you can afford.

On our sidebar we have a reliable crypto donation plugin installed, the minimum payment is set automatically based on the crypto currency selected. 3% is added to cover crypto gateway administration costs. Of course we would appreciated any amount even over that if you feel it is worth our site. In time, we will add other payment donation solutions too.

10% of the donations will go to those in need once we reach $100. Every month, following our available donation funds. We will help local homeless and poor peoples as most of them are in situations nobody wants to be in. If funds are beyond expectations, we will help other groups in need too, like women, kids or eldery.

To give something back to you immediately however, note that all our health related research letters are FREE, for both our Guests and Members. Hope you find those letters useful for your work or education.


Thank You!




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