How I survived Tarot cards (Tarocchi) sessions

How I survived Tarot cards (Tarocchi) sessions | Essay

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TAROT CARDS are devil cards as seen by the Christian church and many righteous peoples in the world. Including me at times, when I just lost a bet believing the great news I got delivered by using those tarot cards during the reading session. The initial euphoria didn't last long and I discovered quickly and painfully that the original purpose of the tarot cards were indeed just to play games.

Still, maybe I just have chosen the wrong deck or type of it. There are those french-suited decks, the Italo-Portuguese-suited ones or even the 78-card and 36-card German suited decks from which only two designs exist.

But I don't regret it. Tarot decks are known to be dangerous. Not in design but in their interpretations. Like they say, don't believe in everything you hear.


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For me, maybe I did choose an inexperienced medium as a reader. Who knows. But my trust in those readers can't be really shaken. How would the world be without those selfless souls? For sure, they can channel-in information in a spiritual way to me about what I'm looking for. Or?

We also know that every medium tries to fight with Fortunae, the goddess of luck. She visits everyone once in a time and certainly does not allow any competition. Her planned visiting schedules are unshaken and nothing goes without her permit.

Nevertheless, all Tarot decks and associated readings proved to be increasingly popular and still are. Therapeutic even. This essay takes no sites.

When I choose a deck I always look at the design, not so much at the medium who does the reading, as I don't know her or him anyway. Many decks are so beautiful and if I had the money I would just collect them all, as others do so with stamps or cars.

But I love Tarot reading sessions. So many expectations. The medium in front of me is the superior authority and voice in channeling the power of Tarot cards. And I have to admit that her advice during reading is often more to the point than not.

To understand those early ancient trionfi or later called tarocchi cards and their expressed meanings solely or as a deck, takes a significant amount of time. Luckily, there exist excellent tutorials on the net explaining all the basics and some provide even very detailed online lessons. It will however take some effort to master the art of reading on its own. Being a latent medium would certainly help, but for me, I can't count on that.

Some Tarot users would deny that these cards are for fun and may insist that they have real value especially for those who have the 'gift'. Yet, on the other hand, if you already have the real 'gift', you wouldn't need the cards at all. Right?

Maybe some mediums can channel without tools or, in fact, all may need a way to express their receivings indeed. That knowledge is beyond my expertise.

Others like me don't have either the gift nor most cards or only occasionally use them for novelty or even divinatory purposes. But unfortunately, some even depend their life or livelihood on them but that certainly goes a step too far.

It is like to take the role of the fool as a beggar or madman too literally. Take this particular unique card: Many depict the fool as a vagabond, nothing stable. But sometimes you can see him pictured together with a dog. Maybe should have trusted his instincts much more?

Looking at those artful tarot decks is very addicting and the first ones have already existed at least since 1367 in Berne. Initially those decks were hand-painted and only printing made later the expansion and distribution of the cards possible.

I guess tarot cards also can be ordered as hand-made. Since I'm living in Asia, maybe doing so would be affordable. Haven't checked it yet. But if you are interested in hand-made tarot cards, let me know at Maybe I can find a local talented artist in Thailand just right for you.

In any case, many of the Tarot decks are colorful and designed very beautifully. They are telling a story of each card. It is hard to lay them aside even if other tasks need to be done. It is like you can feel the power they have over you but without saying any word.

Personally, I do take Tarot readings not too seriously although it is certainly for some a very serious matter. Have an open mind and you may understand (or reject) the value of Tarot. Both ways should be accepted, perhaps in the same way as Astrology is.

I do however enjoy the art of painting or drawing pictured on them very much. Some Tarot decks are out of this world.

Have fun with them even if the reading process may belong to the category of pseudoscience. And why not?? Maybe that is just the right way they should be used. Enjoy them. But no matter if you reject or accept Tarot or the way they should or are being used, our Tarot link collection represents very well the information that could be currently found on the net.

It's time to have my next reading. I'm sure I have more luck this time! ##

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