How to Cook a Dinosaur Sauropods, Sauropoda Soup

How to Cook a Dinosaur Sauropods, Sauropoda Soup | Essay

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“Have you ever tasted a real dinosaur soup? I can only say it will be more than tasty… delicious to be more precisely. So how to cook a perfect dinosaur soup then?”

Actually, as any other soup! You take a few meaty dinosaur bones, cut them in more handy pieces and throw them into readily boiling water. Preferable, taken from a hot volcanic ancient lake to get a touch of sulfur. You add a few vegetables of the day and let everything boil for hours. It can’t hurt to add a few big bugs as well for overall nutrition.

Don’t forget the salt and make sure you prepare that soup in a safe environment. Perhaps in one of the caves your are living upstairs and deep inside. That helps to avoid uninvited guests who don’t care about the art of cooking and take you instead.


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History of Sauropod Dinosaurs, their Evolution and Life

Make sure your dinosaur bones are fresh and not yet already fossilized (in other words, stones) and are preferable from a dinosaur family called sauropods or Sauropoda. Take one from the segregated herd, but be carefully. To find them, follow the sauropod trackways until you can see them.

Even the small ones are still large (up to 6 meters) and heavy. Select one without integrated amor if you can. But the taste of the meat… Heaven on Earth, so to speak.

After two days boiling, the soup is more than ready. If you never done a dinosaur soup before, it can be safely said that you are in for a thread.

For even better taste and a little bit for the eyes, you add leaves on top, from selected green ferns in your neighborhood. The placement pattern is up to your creativity but remove the dust from the leaves first. On top of the leaves, in the center, you might place a separately cooked but large inviting and colorful fruit.

Sometimes however you will not find right away the dinosaur bones you need, so you have to sent your lazy husband out from his couch to get other, similar ones.

He need help from his friends because the bones are usual heavy and it takes a while to hunt the sauropod down, but that shouldn’t be a big problem. The physiques of your hard working men make King Kong looking like a child.

If you have more questions, in the only nearby town of the world, Bedrock, you can get surely a lot of tips. I have an Aunt there. But for cooking, I recommend to talk with the Flintstones. They are kindly, friendly and are of great help although Fred (the husband of Wilma) might act at times a little bit strange. Ignore that. The family is OK.

Given that your dinosaur bones are very large and also many, you can invite your whole family and their friends, too. They do usually not get such a perfect supper every day. Often they do eat the meat raw and that is just not the way a civilized culture should honor the ever decreasing dinosaur population.

You will be surprised how fast that soup is eaten. Compliment to the Chef.

Ignore those who do not believe that men and dinosaur co-existed. You do know better. After all you just made a delicious and outstanding dinosaur soup of a lifetime! ##

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