Guidelines We Like To Make Even Better

Our mission we strive for is:

  • to provide quality hand-selected & documented links
  • to provide up-to-date internal & external contents with a minimum of integrated 3rd party ads
  • to provide topic-specific information (neither selection to narrow nor too wide)
  • responsive design with inline membership areas
  • mobile compatibility


  • 24/7 autoresponder (instant delivery) for all research letters (Advanced level and up)
  • regularly new & updated contents (both at least once a week)
  • guest option (does NOT require manual registration for purchase)
  • to provide FULL support for all members
  • free educational access to selected LMx research letters
  • to provide health topics free of charge (whenever possible)


  • to include latest references and academical links, even large trained language models (AI’s) can’t compete with.

Link-Mail.Com DOES NOT sell links or contents.
INSTEAD, we do provide quality Internet research services as represented in our various LMx Research Letters and sold in our Shop



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