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Working as a fully established Internet research and business entity, link-mail.com took the opportunity to enhance and install various new payment gateway solutions to the benefit of our customers.

Based on over 20 years business experience, link-mail has fully integrated PayPal, FasterPay and now also NowPayments into their site and is therefore able to offer full Payment services for their clients. Customers can pay via selected Credit Cards, specially Visa, Master and American Express as well as over 100 Crypto Currencies.

In addition we have added a Payoneer gateway, allowing a somewhat different payment solution and experience for visitors who are using Payoneer already and with direct banking and future inter-connectivity with Stripe in mind.

Lastly we added a Direct Bank Transfer Gateway, allowing locals and International customers to use an easy payment solution. For those far away, we allow BIC/SWIFT money transfer.

Doing payments on our site is easy, customer friendly and our product fees are affordable. Health related topics and research letters are even free for all. They can be downloaded in seconds. Our chosen eCommerce platform is WooCommerce, the worldwide leader. To optimize and enhance our customers' experience, we heavily customized it. In conjunction with the latest WordPress CMS, we added additional security features to make our site as customer friendly, reliable and secure as possible.

WordPress itself runs on an equally top-notch hosting service which includes reliable servers, daily backup features and advanced administration tools.

Our Crypto payment gateway accepts nano payments and donations and is great for micro payments while the payment collection is non-custodial. Link-Mail.com does not hold your funds on our site as they are sent directly to our receiving business crypto wallet where we can observe, prove and re-verify all transactions. Most of them are rather fast and all are transparent.

The same holds true for any sensitive credit card information. They are never stored at link-mail.com. More details are outlined in our privacy policy.

To get all gateway payments approved for our site, we had to follow and pass all the stringent US KYC procedures we were ask for and that often more than only once. Our business model, our business profile as well as our existing Debit/CreditCard Onboarding requirements had to be met.

Our risk level and identity was checked to ensure we are genuine. All got repeatedly verified by requesting our latest government documents. This due diligence process took weeks, but we passed it as expected.

Of course with PayPal we have passed a similar process decades ago. Even our current AdSense account documents were used for the latest KYC as Google issues such an account only once in a lifetime for any legal entity. Any misuse of Google's guidelines would immediately result in access blockage, suspension or even unrecoverable account deletion.

Link-Mail.com has been successful in the Internet business for over 23 years! We hope our clients are satisfied with our high quality service we provide and always aim for.

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