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Finding useful Internet contents related to any work is always extremely time consuming. We did some head start research for you and located and concentrated contents you may like and need right now. Either for your own enjoyment, study, work or together with any of your marketing and content curation projects. Categorized into Business, Finance, Internet, Culture, Travel, History, Health and many more (such as SEO for VIP members), you can easily obtain from us sets of hand-selected quality links and use it right away. No need to spend time searching the Net - especially when you just started searching for your suitable contents.

All our carefully collected links are provided as sets and are documented. Some sets are free and if you are a site member the remaining ones are certainly affordable or heavily discounted. All links are focused on certain topics and delivered immediately after payment as attachments, in emails or via auto-responder. Visit our SHOP or our list of TOPICS for current available sets. Discounts are significant, up to 100%, if you have registered as paying member.

Shouldn't we have yet published what you need, we certainly can do CUSTOM RESEARCH for you in a very short time. Especially if you need contents or references for your studies, papers or high quality contents, the custom research helps you to be on time with your publication delivery.

Once you received our normal sets (also called LMx Research Letters), let us know what you think about them and how you use them: a feedback note at our CONTACT page would be highly appreciated. I hope we can welcome you as a MEMBER. If not, feel free to use our site as a GUEST (Purchase allowed). New and/or updated research letters will be published weekly.

We took great care to avoid to provide links to contents without value, sites without contents or sites setup for advertising purposes. All links are hand-selected and in most cases we read all linked contents we provide. We strive for enhanced contents as that also means better quality ones. Only in cases with very rare contents we allowed to collect links we otherwise would have been ignored. But those links are few. As much as you do, we enjoy reading what we present to you.

Since all sets are provided via email, you have all purchased ones immediately available in optimized PDF format. All links inside are clickable! Of course we do not contact you back unless permit given. That's why we recommend to register for our very short LinkAdvisor newsletter whenever you can. To the point, he informs bi-weekly (on the 15th & 30th) about our new and/or updated sets. You can register to our LinkAdvisor directly or during checkout process. Just tick the empty checkbox when you see it. Of course, double-registrations will be ignored.

Do you like our site? Please recommend us further!

Better even, join also our writers program and add contents you like. Same way as we do it now. It can be anything where your passion is concentrated. Science, pets, history, mystery. You decide. Rules as outlined above. As a thank you, you will earn up to 1 year memberships where you can obtain and read from our site according to your given support. We always see link-mail.com also as a community site and would be glad to get your support. Whatever you write and get published, it will be provided free of charge to everyone!

Link-Mail.com is an established site and now in its third design incarnation. It exist since 2000'. I hope you find its current style, contents and philosophy interesting as we have mixed free contents, e-commerce and membership together in a hopefully appeasing way. Everyone can use link-mail.com, but paying members get the benefit of heavy discount or just simply fully free access.

We do enjoy creating the contents. More than anything else. Although just relaunched, 100s of new and updated sets are in our pipeline and 1000s of links are already summary available in various focused topical sets. Hope you enjoy reading all.

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