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We started years ago as an independent division of T.G. Tobb & Associates Co.,Ltd. (registered in Thailand), but with deep roots in the US, back to 1972. Currently our HQ is located in the Capital of Thailand, Bangkok, in Southeast Asia. We are truly multinational: Germans, Americans, Austrians and Thai’s joined our dedicated group.

Our experience with the web went back to 1995, now over 27 years ago, and since than we experienced the web during thousands of online hours. As business surfers, web consultants and consumers we have been faced with the same problem as everyone else: Where do we can get the best and accurate information in the shortest time. As the web grows so does its contents but this doesn’t mean that we necessarily get better results!

While search engines are good for initial (re-) search, they do often not provide relevant, in depths answers when you need it. You don’t believe us? Just search for anything useful but without getting large  numbers of ads in the documents you love. Do it right away! You can see how long it takes to get useful data. Gems are always hidden.

In 1999 we have exchanged our bookmarks to avoid searches someone from our group has already done and shortly thereafter the idea of Link-Mail was born: What if we could exchange bookmarks and link-tips within the net community? Rather than searching the net this community would provide answers to many link related questions among themselves. To keep the ball rolling, we have established this site and ‘donated’ the first batch of hand-selected, high quality links with the hope that they would be useful for our visitors. Since then, our link library growth has been significant.

Our goal was and is simple: To collect and to provide top quality links from the Internet to our community for free of charge (or within a membership framework) and with the hope that this idea will be not only be accepted but also appreciated by submitting bookmarks in return other than our own and to provide and exchange link tips to our link forum.

Done rightly, this concept helps to decrease significantly the time necessary to be spent on the net. To elevate the process further, we have chosen e-mail’s as the carrier for our links rather than links normally found on a sidebar. By adding comments and sometimes an editorial part, each e-mail becomes an independent letter, our now famous link-mail letters or more recently, being called LMx research letters.

By introducing our ‘Privacy Spam Free Policy’ our link-mail letters are comitted for opt-in without any unwanted follow up. E-mail’s proved to be an easy way to communicate with our visitors and enabled them to keep a library of information right on their fingertips, especially if the link-mail letters are kept in a separate designated folder. To provide you with information as fast as possible, most of our letters are being sent to you by our autoresponder only.

Believe it or not, we delivered thousands of emails per month! Only recently some our letters are also accessible inline for paying members. Said that, all contents is still available as email on request. We are very security complient and since all those past decades we where never accused of any spammy operations. In fact, we got letters from users thanking us for what we have researched for them.

Link-mail.com provides an unique service. While links can be found at every site on the net, we are the only service concentrating solely on link information in ways most useful for our visitors. We are business users and understand what surfers are most likely looking for. It will be impossible to catalog the net (we do not even try that), yet we think with our link-mail letters we provide the best available link information to date.

Currently we are redesigning our site and hope to provide new and exciting contents in the future for you. We will continue to search the web for outstanding links and we provide currently over eighty comprehensive link-mail letters (LMx Research) with over 3,000 hand-selected and documented links. Our internal library is much larger, however. Write us if you like our site, what you want to get improved and what kind of new topics you like to get established.

We have added a new section, ‘LMx SPECIAL‘ available only for dedicated members (VIP and LifeTime). LMx SPECIAL covers selected and unique topics with max 10 links per research letter and in a more editorial and educational style. The links are either sequential presented (so starting visiting sites from the top of these special research letters would be best) or fully guided.

There are five LMx Special letters to be published in 2022, as there are: ‘The Circle of Love’ (Emotional Music), ‘Introduction to the Origin of Life’, ‘Vitamin D3 and Covid-19’, ‘Life-between-Lives’ as well as ‘We are the Ancients’. All LMx Specials will be updated more often then other contents, especially the ones with health related topics. They are worth to read as we focus each letter based on pending thoughts and science while still providing in-depth research as usual. All links are hand-selected and evaluated. LMx SPECIALS are published irregularly but at least once per month.

You may even help us voluntary, what would be really great. We hope that you find at link-mail.com whatever you need. You may use our F.A.Q. page to give you further inside about our site. Take a look!



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