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This FAQ is designed to answer quickly some questions about our site and varies information services. It provides an inside of what we offer and how you can be part of it, if wanted. Naturally, we think of us as a rising community, besides been seen as an interesting online information service provider. We are structured to allow access for everyone but being partly organized as a paid membership site as well. Still, having plenty of unique and free contents is part of our site’s well thought-out operation!

Q. What is Link-Mail?
Since over 20 years, right during ‘2000, Link-Mail.Com provides an online information service where we delivered instantly thousands of hand-selected link sets and references on request. Contents which has been determined by us as very useful is available for site visitors in many topics and categories. The topics themselves are very carefully researched and designed to be neither to narrow nor too small in scope. We provide these letters in our series of PDF Link-Mail letters, often called also ‘LMx research letters‘, where you can find very interesting sites at your fingertips.

Q. Are we a “NEW” Wikipedia?
No, we are not! Wikipedia explains every single topic in detail while we provide detailed quality references to any given topic. In other words, with our site you’ll get easy access to different point-of-views, which might be very useful for any researcher at any age. Kids are actually invited too, for them we are currently preparing special kids related Link-Mail (LMxKids) research letters. It should be noted that our members can download each topic instantly, either via special integrated 24/7 autoresponder, direct after checkout or at each members account page.

Q. Who is our target audience?
Our site is educational oriented and targeting an audience looking for detailed information they are interested in. Age is not the main criteria, researching the Internet, is! We have plenty of information related to Internet, business, culture/travel, health/relationship etc… including many dedicated issues for eCommerce, B2B and B2C markets. One of our special targets are clients who need quality references (links) and contents in their reports or for their studies like writers and reporters.

Q. Is the service Free?
Actually, many of it is. Yet, some outstanding PREMIUM contents is reserved for ADVANCED, VIP, SEO or even LIFETIME-5 (2000 days) members. The reason is simple: To research and evaluate our kind of selected contents takes a significant amount of time. Time, by the way, which you don’t need to spend! But it is manpower that has somehow to get financed. Please try one of our memberships and read our contents. We are sure that you are satisfied! Members of course receive a discount up to the point the don't need to pay for any researched item.

Q. Do we really research manually?
Yes, we do it 100%. All links are hand-selected and all mentioned sites have been visited manually to judge their quality. If their contents is interesting and the sites are not MFA (Made For Adsense) styled or include too many ads, we may adding those sites to our site and research letters. Relevance and quality comes always before quantity! We rather do ignore a site if we feel it does not support our high level of standard. Only in very few exceptions we allow weak sites, but only if their contents appears to be unique and outstanding and not available elsewhere. We do read a lot of what we provide. We do not add censorship. It is up to you to decide what you feel is superb or just crazy contents.

Q. Can we buy your contents for our site?
Every single letter is for sale in our shop, supported by various payment gateways, and it includes full copyrights as far as your own site usage is concerned. Replications are not allowed, through. The fee for each such research letter is currently set between $2.00 to $9.50, discounts apply in most cases !!! If you intend to read and research a lot, our economical membership levels are highly recommend, which do start at only $19.00 per month.

Q. Do we re-check our links?
Yes, we do. Although we do not re-visit all links manually (we have thousands of links), we DO check internally all published online links every 3 days. The ones are out of order are marked as such online (each VIP/LIFETIME member can see these online LMx research links) and the admin will be notified. We always wait a week or so until we either replace or remove the link, as it often happened that the link is out of order only temporarily. Our LMx research letters will be updated once in a while, usually within 2-3 months. If we checked and the contents is still ok, we do not change their revision levels, though. Only the date. If we need to change it, we always try to add at least 10-15 new links to unique contents.

Q. How can we have access to the links?
There are several ways: You can access/see them all online (depending on your membership level) or download them for your personal or business use via our complimentary 24/7 autoresponder; or right after purchase. Spam-free we should add as per our detailed privacy policy. Of course you can buy each letter via BUY-NOW feature, too. More details are on each download/access page. All purchased research letters are also available to download in your account

Q. Must we be member to see the links?
Yes, but registration is easy and you will be fully guided. For new members we made the registration very easy. The initial membership is FREE. Since researching is very time-consuming and thus very costly, we have protected our contents and even our shop. Some of our PDF LMx research letters are also free by nature. Just reply to a survey and you are ready to go for the next 24 hours without interruptions.

Q. What are the benefits of becoming a member?
There are many: From receiving large discounts up to be able to download instantly even the most comprehensive and quality LMx research letters. You can have a look about the current membership benefits here.

Q. Do we offer a BUY-NOW option?
Yes, we do. It applies to all our packed published material. No membership is required. Beside getting many letters with copyright for personal or business use, we currently do offer 4 PREMIUM “Internet Research Packs” where each set contains 10 Premium Internet research letters. A “Business Research Pack” is in preparation. Membership is not required to get those packs and the links are outstanding. Note that all links can be read INLINE (via your browser) too (but only if you are a paying member!). The buy-now payment counts for each request, but the download period is set to 3 days for your convenience.

Q. Is there a way to get a yearly Membership for FREE?
Yes, there is an easy way: Do research in any category you like and for any topic you prefer. Our FREE membership section do show you how our information (research letters) must be structured: TOPIC, Subtopic(s), Links (at least a total of 20+ per your research letter; not more than 50) + descriptions for each link (One or two paragraphs who describe the link best). Download a LMx research letter, study it, and send us one with your highly useful and quality links. Once you provided 50 accepted and published letters, you are eligible for a Premium (Gold) membership for one year. Note that we will follow each of your links and are judging them. Copying them right off the search engines will not work. Thought after are links which are gems and deep buried in the search engines or elsewhere. Before you start however, please contact us first.

As a contributor, Inside each of your research letters you will be given a link back to your site. After 20 LMx letters with your contents/links, you will be accepted and recognized as a co-author in link-mail.com’s community and mentioned online as well. If you support us over a longer period with quality links, we might even give you a VIP membership for FREE.

Q. What is VIP Membership?
The VIP membership is in fact a shortened LIFEIME-5 membership plan. Instead a one-time fee, members get access to everything within their booking period. A subscription with full access, no limitations and instant downloads.



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