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I’m a Fire Monkey – The Chinese Horoscope is right! | Essay

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“The Chinese Horoscope is a guideline to explore the mind and the future of the one requesting assistance. But there are more possibilities, such as the renowned Tarot decks. All Gambling? You decide!“

I never knew it until now, but according to my birth date I’m a Fire Monkey. According to the Chinese Horoscope I have strong interest in the other, say sexy, Gender (YES) and am determined to get things done in all areas (YES).


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The Chinese stars showed me that I’m powerful and the yellow-red-blue fire helps me as an otherwise only casual monkey to be a step ahead of others. I’m supposed to be able to correctly evaluate risks and my associated western part is the powerful Lion, a very good combination indeed. I loved to play with fire as a kid, was fascinated by it, and got a great share of trouble watching the flames at that age.

For the uninitiated, fire monkeys using some of the same space in Chinese astrology as the Lion. Around July, that is.

Given that, I consider making a family seal for myself and starting a new dynasty. It is time for it and can't be wrong. The only problem is that I have three kids already, no money and nobody listens to my advanced and future oriented ideas. Every step has to be fought for.

Related to the Chinese horoscope are the 24 Solar terms based on the sun's zodiac position. Our link shows the meaning but also the connectivity to the western zodiac or the 12 pairs of major solar terms. Unfortunately, adding those terms made defining the whole astrology not easier.

Years ago I read a detailed article about an astronomer who compared the western astrology step-by-step, event-by-event with what actually has happened and read or proposed from the stars. And do you know what: The numbers did not add up, not even for 1%. In other words, you can’t believe Astrology in any event and from any possible angel. If you do, that is what I call gambling.

I believe there are many distinguished experts on Astrology, my wife for example who can make their points, but I’m more scientifically oriented. Stars don’t lie but perhaps their horoscope interpretations are still in their infancy or perhaps so far away – even after thousands of years trying to finding out the truth. Yet, without Astrology there might not even be an Astronomy!

Having that in mind and the accuracy problem continues to exist, I guess I toss away both ways of looking into the future or learn something about me in another way. I will switch to tarot derived from Kabbalah of Jewish mysticism and learn what those cards have to say to me.

After all, there are 22-78 cards per deck available and the number of positive (or negative) outcome predictions is a little bit larger and thus more precisely; no matter that the Chinese Astrology has a head start and exists actually at least since 2637 B.C.; officially introduced by Emperor Huang Ti.

To find out the truth, perhaps a series of complicated and extensive tarot readings can help me. Tarots (or tarocchi) have existed only officially since 1367 (600 years ++) and can’t thus compete with the much older Chinese Astrology, but anyway.

But who says that Tarots are less exact? As a tool to gain inside the mind and the future, they might be just as good. The real problem is only to find a good Interpreter (Medium) of what is obviously presented in front of me as an associated combination of cards with no particular meanings for me. Believe it or not, that is the ultimate question. A little bit of faith might help – if you have it.

In any case I feel that the design of many Tarot cards are just marvelous and pretty, a reason in itself to own a few decks.

Yet…I’m a confirmed Fire Monkey, and thus actually don’t give a hood about the opinion of others. Since I like that short description about myself, true or not, I’ll keep it for a while and tell everyone. ##

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