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“Ever saw fluids colliding in a controlled way to create vortex rings? If done right, those are beautiful patterns you never saw elsewhere. Patterns that are unique, aqueous and still different each time. A symphony of choreographed patterns that certainly falls under the category of art"

I never thought it would be possible that vortex rings (or also known as Toroidal Vortex) could be created by using vortex cannons and I applaud the energy and consistency to get that complicated process in a controlled way working. Based on mathematical models, science and a Research Paper by T. T. Lim & T. B. Nickels, two people tried to recreate the fluid rings. To do something most never have heard of. Knowing what is possible, understanding the science and still getting it right is certainly not the same.



Video: Two Vortex Rings Colliding in SLOW MOTION - Smarter Every Day 195


Vortex rings are said to be 'fluid particles who do move in roughly circular paths around an imaginary circle'. As such, there are many of those potential rings. The problem is to create them in symmetric and thus unbelievably complicated ways.

The inspiring in-line vid shows the creation and collision of vortex rings in slow motion with a fixed vortex cannon in a stationary position while aligning a second cannon by using a multi-axis microscope stage, creating additional astonishing secondary vortices. Fluid physics in action.

Both canons are activated at the same time. Even so, it also shows how much work was involved to get all done. Perhaps only with imagination, the video can't show how hard the work involved was. But the process was explained and even filmed, before and after the primary and secondary vortex rings became 100% perfect.

As a layman, I have no idea how the vortexes were created, or better said, why it could happen, even after explanations and watching the video. I know nothing about fluid mechanics. I'm just stupid. But art does not need any explanations ever. It is there for everyone. I always enjoy what I love and everyone feels certainly like that to some degree.

The colliding vortex rings took 4 years to create by Destin, and David Linderman, his partner. Imagine you try it every day, perhaps even a few times, with slight modification of the equipment and the implementation of new ideas.

Using math and science, the beauty of the end-result can't be denied. For me, it is certainly art, although created in an unusual manner.

Perhaps equally amazing is the photography technology behind the images by showing those violent collisions in slow motion; presenting a moment of time of special flow visualization while catching the right moments to be later presented to the world.

For those interested in a more recent 2021 vortex ring study, you might find our link to the "Instability and disintegration of vortex rings during head-on collisions and wall interactions" interesting. Nowadays there are many studies on that subject but it does not mean that creating primary and secondary vortex rings are now easier and within each researcher's timely grasp even with the right equipment.

I could watch the fluids colliding and dancing for hours. So satisfying to see them in sync. Like watching water or clouds. Be it aggressive or calm, beautiful or chaotic and in neverending moves.

I never thought that creating controlled vortex rings and even the more complicated secondary follow-up ones were ever possible. I certainly learned something new. ##

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